I am not sure if this can be called as a poem or not but these are the feelings that poured out of me when a beloved person died leaving us behind with his memories. Carl Sagan once said we are made of star stuff and I think we really have people around us who glow and give us their warmth and everything , make us feel like a star, and one day leave us with only one thought that this were never happened and they would have been there still with us.

Someone has gone forever
in the depths of the universe unknown
for not coming back, ever.
leaving behind memories all we known
Left behind with lot of pain
we feel helpless in our brain
Moments lived together with all
that is what I am trying to recall
All those moments we have cherished
Seems that all has gone all has perished
All these thoughts make me cry
Why did it has to happen I pry
All the courage that I have left
I gather my strength that I can claim
Trying to collect all the memory that I can
which lives in my heart as immortal flame
this is how life is I come to think
this thought make my eye not to blink
“People are made of star stuff”
Carl Sagan once said
They spread warmth and brightness
when they are not dead
While departing from our life
which is somehow a must
they leave their memories
with us as ‘stardust’